Petrolettes says THANK YOU for 2017

Das Petrolette Team hatten einen unglaublich, schönes Wochenende und sind sehr glücklich und dankbar über das Feedback von allen Frauen. Sie haben ein paar Zeilen mit warmen Worten geschickt.

Viel Spass beim Lesen

Quelle: Petrolettes UG

Thank you for an unforgettable weekend, ladies!

The overwhelming response to Petrolettes has been just incredible!

We will continue working hard to create environments where we can live out our passion for motorcycling, outdoor adventures and music, where girl power is at the heart of what we do.

It’s so exciting to see women connect and encourage each other to go full throttle. Petrolettes is only happening because of the help of all the people who give us us the means and strength we need to turn our crazy ideas into reality.

Let’s continue to build this inspiring, ever-growing community of two-wheel enthusiasts and powerful ladies.

Sincerely, your Petrolettes Team